Asthma in schools

8) Asthma triggers in school

There may be common environmental factors or ‘triggers’ that can affect your child’s asthma in school. For example; grass/tree pollens, dust mites, mould spores, exercise, not to mention school with lots of children are a great breeding ground for coughs and colds!






It is important to let the school know if you have identified things that make your child’s symptoms worse so appropriate measures can be taken to minimise your child’s exposure to those triggers.

Schools can implement some simple measures, for example limiting the number of soft furnishings in the classroom or making sure windows are shut during high pollen counts in summer which may help prevent asthma attacks in susceptible individuals.

During coughs and colds your child may need extra puffs of their reliever medicine, it is important you let the school know if this is the case.

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