How your child’s asthma affects you and the rest of your family

4) Younger children

Child with hand over mouth

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Younger children in the family:

  • May not understand why their brother/sister is ill sometimes and well at other times. Especially around the time the child is first diagnosed.
  • They may be frightened that they will “get asthma too”.
  • Might be jealous of the attention the child with asthma gets from you and others.
  • May find it difficult to express their feelings about illness in the family.
  • They may fear their brother/sister will not get better. The may fear the worst unless you talk to them and explain in words they can understand.
  • They may not understand why they can’t have a pet if their bother/sister is allergic to animals.
  • Talk to your younger children to reassure them and answer any questions they have about asthma and their brother/sister.