Making a diagnosis

5) Treatments

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Treatments: medications, inhalesrs, nebuliser and oxygen

If you have increasing symptoms of COPD you may be recommended some of the following:

  • Tablets
    You will have your tablets reviewed and you may be prescribed different types or strengths, these may be one or a combination of tablets to:
    • break up sticky secretions in the airways
    • ease your breathing by acting on the muscle in the breathing tubes
    • reduce the feeling of breathlessness
  • Inhalers
    You will be assessed on using your inhaler to make sure you are taking it correctly to get the maximum effect and you may be changed to a new one or have a change in strength of your current one.
  • Nebulised treatments
    Nebulisers are an alternative form of breathing in medication using a special machine and face mask. However few people will need this at home.
  • Oxygen
    You may have a special assessment to see if you would benefit from having oxygen available at home. This is because not all patients who are breathless, benefit from oxygen.