Tips for daily living

1) Daily activities and COPD

Lady shopping for groceries

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Living with breathlessness can affect your daily routines and the way in which you manage the daily tasks that we all need to do; getting dressed, having a shower, shopping, cooking and so on.

You may notice there are times when you are more, or less, breathless. Think about the ways in which you already manage your breathlessness. What have you discovered that helps you in managing your breathlessness day-to-day? It is important to think about, and use, any strategies that work for you.

Think about the times you are more breathless. This may be related to the amount of effort needed for certain tasks or you may notice you are more tired or breathless the day following a busy day?

The following pages will give you some practical tips and ideas to try yourself.

You will also find some options for equipment which you could use to help control breathlessness, make tasks easier, and maintain your independence.

If you need help to manage some of the heavier tasks there are ideas for how to get the help you need.


Planning activities in advance, working out what needs to be done alongside managing your breathlessness and energy levels, is helped by pacing. Choosing your priorities and planning what you want to use your energy for will help you manage your daily routines.