Has my child got asthma?

6) Trial of medicine

Child/ girl being shown how to use volumatic inhaler to treat asthma. Mother and nurse.

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Your doctor may decide there is a strong possibility that your child has asthma. Remember there is not one single test to confirm asthma.

They will want to see if the child will respond and improve with asthma treatment or not.

Giving asthma medicines to small children, especially inhalers, is not easy and it can take a while to get the hang of it for you and your child. It is very important to use inhalers correctly so your child gets the most benefit from the medicine.

You can get practical help and advice from your GP, practice/respiratory nurse or pharmacist. They can explain the most effective way to use the medicine or inhaler your child has been given. Some medicine will help prevent asthma attacks, some will relieve symptoms during an attack.