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Knowing when to get emergency help

If you have given 10 puffs of their reliever inhaler and they are still no better your child will need emergency help. Call 999. Any of these symptoms are an emergency: Distressed. Gasping for breath. Neck and tummy sucking in when breathing. Unable to eat or drink. Finding it hard to speak. Looking pale or […]


Sometimes a child will have an asthma attack and need emergency treatment before they have been officially diagnosed with asthma. This will be frightening for you and for them. Signs to look for can include the following: You may notice your child’s breathing becomes a real effort. Have a look to see if their chest, tummy […]


If you have been in the Amber Zone for 24 – 48 hours and are not feeling any better – its time to alert your GP/Respiratory Nurse. You may need to start your Rescue Medication (antibiotics and steroids) which your GP/Nurse can provide. If you have Rescue Medication at home use it when: Your sputum […]